Monday, February 28, 2011

Where am I...

So it has been a couple weeks since my last post so I figured I would check in on my training for my first half marathon. I am proud to say for each week over the last seven weeks I have had at least one 10plus mile run. Before the first of the year I had never run 10 miles before.

Due to the severe winter we have had here in the northeast I haven't had a chance to attempt any further runs on my goal of running round trip to all the surrounding towns. I have three of the eight runs left but all of the routes left are on busy roads that don't have sidewalks and due to the excessive snow banks the shoulders are too narrow to risk it. On my last goal run to Agawam, Mass a couple weeks ago I came close to being hit by cars on at  least two occasions for this very reason. I figure that I will put the last three routes on hold until the snow melts.

Last week I figured out that my form was a little off. My right knee was going wild from side to side causing pain in my arch. I set out for what was supposed to be a four mile recovery run and was very deliberate with my form being sure to keep my knee under control. I set out on a slow pace and as the run went on I started to feel better and better. The whole run I was focusing on my form. I felt so good that I decided to go further and ended up with a 6 mile run and finished feeling great. I have since gone on two more runs including an almost 11 mile run while being very conscious of my form and I have felt great so far.

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