Monday, January 2, 2012

Introducing the Pioneer Beer Running club!

This is the starting point for the Pioneer Beer Runners club, or PBR for short. I decided to start this club because I love running and drinking beer. I noticed that a lot of other runners seemed to enjoy beer. Click here for a link to the Facebook group if you want to be kept up to date on what is going on with the PBR.

I have wanted to create this club for a while but a few weeks ago I noticed that a lot of my Facebook friends and runners I follow on twitter were posting about the great beers they were drinking and I said to myself, "if I don't do this now, then this club would just become another great idea that I never got around to."

I reached out to a runner I knew on Twitter, Mike Olkin, who I knew through his posts that he lived close to the Moan & Dove, which happens to be one of my favorite bars. They have a great craft beer selection and I was the first person to earn a mug there, so what better place to have the inaugural PBR run. I asked Mike if he was interested in joining the beer runner club I wanted to start. Mike very enthusiastically responded "yes" and he helped me pick a route.

I want this club to be fun for anybody who share the same interest in beer or running that I do. This club is meant to get beer geeks who happen to be runners together socially. Very few of the people I added to this group are runners that I have actually met. I want this to be fun and inclusive. I am hoping a variety of runners participate. I don't care how fast or slow you are or if you only feel comfortable running a mile or two rather than the six miles I have planned, I want you to show up and hopefully have fun being part of this group.

I planned a six mile route that is an "out & back" that starts at the Moan & Dove on January 22, 2012 and heads east to Station Road and the bike path. I specifically chose this route because it is not a really busy road and it is incredibly scenic. Also since the route is an out and back people who don't want to run as far or are really slow can feel free to turn around early. I will create a Facebook event page to allow people to confirm if they are coming.

Here is the map of the course we chose.

I hope that anyone interested joins us on the inaugural run. If you are interested please join reply to the vent invite so if there is terrible weather I can reschedule the date. I don't plan on rescheduling unless it is really bad. i like to run in the snow and cold!  Also feel free to invite your own friends to join the group and/or run. I hope that Pioneer Beer Runners grows bigger than just me and the few others I have already talked to about this!

If the first run goes well, I will plan other runs throughout Western Massachusetts that start and end at great beer places. I am thinking of planing the runs on a bi-monthly schedule. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Moan & Dove.

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