Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh By The Way, I'm Training for a Marathon

First and foremost I owe my subscribers an apology for not posting an update to this blog in over a month. Now that I have that out of the way I can get to the little bit of news I just dropped on you. I am training to run a marathon. Yes me. If you asked me even six months ago if I would ever run a marathon I would have told you you were crazy.

Secretly, I have wanted to run a marathon since I was in the sixth grade I have just always been intimidated by the distance. The farthest I have ever run was 14.2 miles and I only have one half marathon under my belt.

After all these years what has changed? Thanks to the magic of social media I have found many people that really inspired me. People on Twitter like @operationjack who ran 61 marathons last year, or @thebeerrunner who is on a year long running/drinking streak/bender. There are too many inspiring runners out there to mention everyone but here are a few more: @rungeordierun (who is currently running across the US. Check out his website ), @punkrockrunner , @ultrarunnergirl and @gksarahj5

So to finally get to the story about why I am started marathon training. I decided that after my less than prepared first half marathon I would run another. I went online to find a good one in the fall. I came across the Smuttynose Half. I figured since it would be a two hour drive, I would ask another Twitter friend, @RTdanielle09 , if she had any info on this race. She then jokingly applied peer pressure on me until I relented. I told her later that I really wanted to try to do this and she shared with me how difficult it was but how fulfilling she felt when she completed her first marathon. She also sent me info on an 18 week training plan. I can't thank her enough.

After review of the training plan I decided to undergo the Novice level 2 training based on the average miles I have been running. I set out on my first run this morning and it was a huge success. I averaged a 7:40 pace for 3 miles without any real effort. It was only three miles but it was nice to get off to a good start!

As an added bonus, I recently became friends on Daily Mile with someone named Mordy who lives two towns away from me. This guy is one of the most inspiring people on Daily Mile. Every time I post a run he send s great motivation. If you are not friend s with him and you are on daily mile check him out here.
Someday I hope to meet up with him.

I am highly motivated right now, having just completed the Beer Runner Challenge but that is a story for another blog post.

I will be training for the Maine Marathon in Portland, Maine on October 2, 2011. I happen to have a friend who lives down the street from the Great Lost Bear, so anyone that wants to meet me after the race for a beer, I will be there!

Tomorrow I will be up at 5:30 am to run 5 miles. I want to thank everyone who has inspired my to try to run this marathon and achieve a goal from my childhood.

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