Thursday, December 30, 2010

My winter gloves

My new running gloves are Mizuno Breath Thermal. they claim to self generate heat.

I tried them out yesterday and although it was not that cold (about 25 degrees Fahrenheit) I was really impressed. They are super light. how they work is they are made from a wicking material that uses moisture to generate heat.

When I first went out, the wind was blowing through the gloves. I felt like these gloves were better than being bare handed but just ok. As soon as I balled my fists I immediately noticed how warm the gloves were. As I went further and really got warmed up (i.e. my palms started to sweat) that is when I really noticed how warm and dry my hands were.

I am not a person usually gets very cold but I really liked these gloves. I bought them in a store near me called Fast Feet which is owned by a local running club.

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  1. neat gift idea! Just emailed my old runner dad to see if he wanted some for his birthday!